Black woman to tanning salon flyer guy soliciting her: Nigga, you be blind! –W 4th St & 6th Ave White woman on cell: I cannot meet you there — that’s a black neighborhood. [Looks around. to find that everyone else in line is black, and pharmacist is black.] Oops. –Duane Reade Little girl pointing at black receptionist: Pocahontas! –Dermatologist, UES Overheard by: Kate Black suit: Oh, I’m the only black man in America who watches Felicity?! –Washington Square Park Black queer on cell: I believe she set black people back 20 years by rhyming ‘Lexington’ with ‘Nextel.’ –Fort Tryon Park Overheard by: Pies Sports editor: We need more magical black men. –Columbia Spectator office Overheard by: Kavitha