Woman standing in front of a painting by Jackson Pollock: … And he just took the paint and schmootchka’d it all around, and people went, ‘Oooh!’ –The Met Hippie girl about public art: So… Do, like… all countries have statues? –New School Overheard by: old school Art student: I could never date someone who doesn’t understand expressionism. I would rather die. –12th & Ave B Bimbette looking at gigantic marble head: Do you think the men were really this big, or the artist just made it look like that? –The Met Overheard by: Jingles Guy, about his art: I could use a tarp. I like the thingness of the tarp, but I don’t want to overdo it. –G train Overheard by: sweetchuck Woman on cell, joyfully: You’re my new craft project! –102nd & Broadway Overheard by: Cisi