Girl to friend: So I got my horse, things got a little escalated… He got his horse… –The Cloisters Overheard by: ninja z Small child on bike: Suck my butt monkey! –Central Park Metrosexual on cell: I can only hope the animal noises are promising for my night. –Stuyvesant Town Overheard by: Argopelter African man to African woman: I told you when you came to this country that you can’t touch old people, you can’t touch children, and you can’t touch animals. –Central Park, near W 63rd St entrance Overheard by: birdw0rks Woman to another: He would go one way and the armadillo would go the other way… –42nd St, outside Bryant Park Overheard by: MPW Sad girl to friend: I’d feel better if I just had lemurs to talk to. –Washington Square Park