20-ish woman on cell: I know it’s illegal in most states, but I thought it would be okay in Arizona… –Central Park Overheard by: aaron milner Teacher: You guys might notice that I have some issues with Louisiana. I mean, it’s a great place and all, as long as you don’t get mugged or walk into a drug deal. I did that and then they followed me into a Rite Aid, and I was like, ‘Fuck, I’m gonna get stabbed on my last day here.’ –Bronx Science Overheard by: LSB Hot girl on cell: She moved to Oklahoma? People don’t go to Oklahoma — people are from Oklahoma! –72nd & Columbus Overheard by: from Texas Hipster: Her parents are the only democrats in Colorado. –E 86th St, between 2nd & 3rd Ave Woman on cell: Girl. what state you said you in? North Carolina?! That’s a big-ass fuckin’ state! … Shit, North Carolina is a big fuckin’ state — they got mad people… North Carolina is fuckin’ big… You need to get the fuck out of there. –J train Preppy girl on cell: Yeah, but he’s from, like, gross Connecticut. –49th & 6th Overheard by: Scarfish Conductor: We’re on the looong Alabama road. I’m glad you’re all aboard. –Manhattan-bound Q train