Suit to table of coworkers: … And I still shit on the floor! –Lombardi’s, Spring St Overheard by: bdangadang Suit on cell: No, I’m just saying that you are being very unresponsive… Unresponsive! Do you know what unresponsive means? … Hello? –Grand Central Overheard by: amanda Suit answering cell: Hi. Yeah, I’m just being screwed in Penn Station… –Penn Station Overheard by: walty Suit on cell: Wait, he really locked himself in the car? Shit, he’s seriously going to blow his brains out… I know, call Denise. We’re fucked. –55th & 6th Overheard by: CK Suit on cell: So, apparently they think that I think I’m, like, Britney Spears or something… –42nd & Park