Southern tourist: By the way, if you’re ever watching Law and Order, this is where everyone gets murdered and gets raped. –Central Park South Overheard by: Adam Schiff Man lunching with buddy: No, I’m not a monk. That was just TV. –18th & 5th Crazy guy, through ventilator: Sonoco… Cablevision… Sonoco… Cablevision… Sonoco… Cablevision… –West End Ave Overheard by: Harriet Vane Trader on cell: Well, she’s certainly not MTV yet — not VH1. She’s more like 60 Minutes. –Trading floor, NY Stock Exchange Overheard by: Trader Joey Hot girl to boyfriend: See, I don’t think ass sex is necessarily something I want to do whilst watching X-Files… –Pietrasanta Restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen Overheard by: Ta-da! Enthusiastic hobo: What time is Desperate Housewives on?! –Astor Pl Man, after changing his shoes in a lively manner: What, you never saw Mr. Rogers? –Jamaica-bound E train Overheard by: He Was Quite Handsome…..