Girl: I’ll have a dozen bagels.
Bagel guy: I can’t pass up on this opportunity. I have to tell you that you’re really cute.
Girl: [Blushes.]
Bagel guy: Do you know what the difference between cute and not cute is?
Girl: … Nooo, what?
Bagel guy: Three bagels. [Hands girl 15 bagels.] –Jumbo Bagels, 57th & 2nd Overheard by: paid full price Headline by: Billy Splatts! Runners-Up:
· “Beauty’s in the Eye Of the Bagelholder” – JoAnne
· “Don’t Ask How I Made the Holes” – Duncan Pflaster
· “Funny, That Also Used to Be a Weight Watchers Slogan” – 2bagelscute
· “It’s Also the Difference Between Employed and Not Employed” – Caro
· “O! She Doth Teach The Toasters To Burn Bright” – Paul
· “That’s Funny Because That’s Also The Difference Between A Handjob And A Blowjob.” – BG
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