Amazed guy: So, I totally thought I was gay ’til I fucked her! –Chinatown Overheard by: Wex Hot Indian girl with friend: I should host a gay reading hour where I regale the gays with stories of my encounters with B-list celebrities. They can all sit on a carpet at my feet. –S’Nice, off 8th Ave Overheard by: Robert Suit: I had to move to Westchester — my wife would’ve found out I was gay if we stayed in the city. –38th & 5th Biotech: Protesting is gay. –Manhattan College Overheard by: Marco M. Teen hipster, vehemently: I swear, I was talking about this with my mom. I really want to be a gay man! –Hammerstein Ballroom Pretty mom on cell, pushing stroller: She’s gay… Well, mostly gay. She’ll fuck a guy in a pinch. –7th Ave & Union, Park Slope