Woman to friend: I’ll poop on them! I’ll poop all over anyone or anything — that’s not the problem. Just please don’t cut my vagina! –34th St Overheard by: tori High school kid: So, we’re on the train and he pulls down and his pants and takes a shit right there on the seat! To top it off, he takes the shit and starts writing with it. He writes ‘This train smells shitty’ with the shit! [After kid leaves with posse, old lady bursts out laughing.] –McDonald’s, Ditmars Overheard by: it was her! Crackhead to no one, checking out lady passerby: Damn, look at that ass! I’d suck the shit outta that ass… –Washington Square Park Overheard by: wasn’t that nice Man, pointing to woman’s dog: You have to squeeze his innards to make sure he poops at the right time… –15th & Union Square West Overheard by: glad i’m not that dog…. Drunk girl to kneeling friend: I’m gonna shit on your face! –10th & 3rd Asian guy: Horse shit is awesome! –The Met