Asian chick: I guess upstate is just one big… thing. And the people up there are, like, robots. They have so many rules… And what are they for? I mean, they’re to kill people… And I am anti-violence. –NYU bus Overheard by: Moose Crazy lady to frustrated friends: All she needs to do is fucking die, okay? –Woodside Station Overheard by: Jesse NYU student: Last time I did the Ouija board it told me I was going to die… Then it turned out to be right. –Washington Square Park Overheard by: only cats have nine lives Conductor: The consequence of using a cell phone in the quiet car is… the death penalty. –Amtrak to Boston Five-year-old boy: But Dad, it was a dead gypsy! –Washington & Rector Middle-aged woman to younger woman, matter-of-fact: … And it’s not like you meant to kill her. You were just fooling around. –E 12th St, between 5th Ave & University Pl Overheard by: Liz A