Smiling dad to giggling infant he’s holding: Yeah, get yo’ laugh on! –49th & 10th Overheard by: chris Chick: … And that’s how I had a miscarriage. Oh! That reminds of a funny story! –NYU Young suit: Ray* would be a better salesman if he wasn’t trying to be funny all the time. Like me — I can turn it off at the right times. Like, just today I said to Lynn*, ‘We should just take lunch for the rest of the day,’ and she said, ‘Just not come back, right?’ So I said, ‘You know me — I actually like to work all day and all night long,’and she said that I was hilarious… –2 train Columbia chick: I broke up with a guy once for being too funny. He was giving me wrinkles from laughing so hard! –116th & Broadway Cop to others: You know what’s really fucking funny? Everybody around here looks fucking suspicious. –Union Square Overheard by: Morgan