Girl on cell: Yeah, I’m in New York City… Yeah, it’s on the East coast, but it’s not really on the East coast. It’s not, like, next to water or anything. –Penn Station Overheard by: Beach Goer Dude: My god. I mean, everyone knows Broadway and Fifth Avenue are the same thing, and the idiot says no. –14th & 4th Overheard by: girl in the red coat High school boy: So let me ask you this — how easy is it to cross over from Egypt to Mexico? –3 train Overheard by: Nick H School trip escapee teen to pal: Now we can do whatever we want… We’re in Times Square! –Outside Penn Station, 7th Ave Overheard by: Go back to Iowa Tourist chick to friends: LaGuardia? How the fuck did we end up at the fucking airport? –Houston, at LaGuardia