Queer: So he showed up at the store in a t-shirt and towel and asked for Butt Paste! –Bryant Park Overheard by: Rachel P Queer: I will have no part in making babies! –Brooklyn-bound A train Queer to approaching fag hag: Hi! Oh my god, you really do look like a suicide victim! –Blockheads, 50th & 8th Overheard by: ashley Teen queer to friends: Hey! Tell pickle-juice-titties to come on! We gettin’ up out this faggot function. –135th & St. Nicholas Ave Overheard by: Just Another Harlemite Queer: When I get bored around two in the morning I start throwing a rubber band ball at the wall. Then I take a cardboard box and use it to keep the ball from hitting me… It’s a rush. –185th & Bennett Overheard by: LSB