Secretary in stall, to another: I told her that in this position she has to wear her teeth in. You can’t go around here with no teeth in your mouth. –Office restroom, Midtown Overheard by: Anonymous Law Firm Employee Woman on cell: What? Turn your hearing aid up! Put your teeth in! I can’t understand you! –Prince & Broadway Guy to girlfriend: Hey, babe, I gotta run to the interview. Can you check my teeth for hairs? –Madison Square Park Overheard by: Guy Saucy Latina: She has the hair of every dental hygienist I’ve ever known. –Penn Station Overheard by: McFreaky Girl on cell: What?! You haven’t showered in a day? At what time? Pedro Miguel*, that is nasty! Your balls must be sweaty and stinky. Smell your underwear… Have you even wiped them with a baby wipe, at least? Have you at least brushed your teeth? You’ve brushed your teeth, but not showered? How is that not nasty?! –Bx12 bus Overheard by: SilentButDeadly Hobo: Does anyone have an extra toothbrush or two dozen eggs to spare? –Outside Gristede’s, UES Overheard by: no eggs to spare