Southern tourist: … And, like, we all came all the way to the city, and there’s a bomb threat? I mean, we even made reservations! –78th & Broadway Guy to chick: Take Albert Einstein, for instance. He was a small guy, and he built the atomic bomb… And he nuked Japan with it. –116th & Broadway Overheard by: Chelsea Mom to child as he fashions a bomb out of clay: Tyler, this is a non-violent birthday party! –Central Park Overheard by: Wondering what a violent one is like Substitute chemistry teacher: Okay, let’s get a little sex appeal in here… Who knows how to make a hydrogen bomb? –Stuyvesant High Morally outraged thugette: He mess with the wrooong girl! I will blow this whole train up! –G train Overheard by: sarah Professor: … And in next week’s class — how to build a nuclear bomb! –Fordham University Overheard by: Sromeo