Girl on cell: I’m pretty sure Cheez Doodles® not falling out of the vending machine is a sign of the apocalypse. –63rd & Madison Overheard by: Gabby Dude: Would anyone like some cheese?! I have some cheese in my pocket! –Times Square Overheard by: Javi Crazy hobo: If Bloomberg wants cream cheese, I’m damn well not payin’ for it! –E train, 59th St Overheard by: dubyaMD Suit on cell: If you stopped eating macaroni and cheese, your couch cushions wouldn’t be flat. –70th St & Colonial Rd, Bay Ridge, Brookyn Overheard by: Steve Kid on overcrowded bus: Daddy, it smells like butt cheese! –125th St Overheard by: I totally did Fat black lady, running: I want some cheesecake! –Times Square