Chick: How am I supposed to exercise my authority when people are asking me, ‘Do you want to lick it?’?! –Churrascaria Plataforma Dude: I used the little bathroom in the back, and there was sauce all over the toilet. I wanted to lick it up. –DiFara’s Pizzeria Teen boy: Oh my god, Barrett Foa! He’s so hot… I want him to lick my vagina! Oh, my poor, crusty vagina… –Stage door of Golden Theatre Overheard by: Emo Barbie Julia Hipster boy: I will climb down on those tracks and lick that third rail. I will lick it! –L train Overheard by: how many hot dogs? Punk chick: Why are you so disgusted by licking other people’s eyeballs? –17th Ave, Brooklyn