Conductor: This is your conductor reminding you to beware of pickpockets. Keep your bags in sight, your wallets in your pocket, stay alert, and remember to kiss. –5 express train Overheard by: Ben Arwin Guy to girl: I’m not going to kiss you, ’cause remember — last time we kissed was before you went to jail. –O’Connor’s, Bergen St & 5th Ave, Brooklyn Overheard by: Joe Drunk guy: I didn’t kiss your boobs, I kissed your chest. There’s a difference! –49th & 1st Guido: I’m not prejudiced against fat chicks. I would love to fuck a fatty tonight… I just won’t kiss her. –Outside McFatty’s Overheard by: Liz Five-year-old girl: Before we leave, I’m going to kiss a boy and get married later. –Times Square Overheard by: Daveyy