Girl wrapped in towel: I’m totally going to put on my body suit… And then I’m going to cook a sausage! –NYU Overheard by: Caitlyn Hispanic male: Ugh, if I see one more sausage, I’m gonna poke myself in the leg. –Mulberry St Overheard by: Lucia Guy on cell: I’m thinking of leaving this business for poultry… No, you need a meat cleaver. –Fashion District Overheard by: Emily B. Thug: Yo, the meat at this place is fresh, son. They got, like, a cow out back, and they be cuttin’ it. The cow be like, ‘Mooo-owww! Mooo-owww!’ Crazy fresh meat, yo. Crazy. –LES Chinese-American mom grabbing child’s hand: Don’t touch the meat, or it will bite you! –Hong Kong Supermarket, 60th & 8th Art student to another: I can?t believe we have to paint another sausage tonight. –SVA Building, W 21st St Old man to friend: I need to go to the Albanian butcher… But I’m afraid to go in there. –68th St, Queens Overheard by: Maggie