Sorostitute: Everyone has to be naked! –Wagner College Overheard by: Heather Middle-aged lady with hubby, pointing to young band member: Hi! Since we’ve seen you naked on your website, we feel like we already know you! –Party, LES Overheard by: Tom One maintenance worker to another: Look, man, you don’t have to strip if you don’t want to. –112th & Amsterdam Overheard by: ColumbiaBrain Chick: … But she didn’t want to get naked in front of her pet monkey… –Lucky Cheng’s Overheard by: ein ladle Dude: When I got back into the room, he was naked and I was like, ‘What the fuck?!’ I asked him why he was and he said he thought we were gonna do chemistry homework! –Times Square Girl: … But is it worth taking off my clothes again? –Beacon’s Closet dressing room Overheard by: jayloo