Man: I don’t really use Facebook anymore… Except to booty-call poke. –Starbucks, 6th Ave Chick: If I die, I don’t want a Facebook group in my memory. It’s tacky. –Broadway & Waverly Overheard by: Sarah Web guy: I’d say my mouse hand is ‘strong’ to ‘very strong.’ –46th & 6th German man to another: [Rambles in German, then] EBay is sin! A sin, I tell you! –H&M, 34th St Overheard by: Melissa Coppola Math teacher who looks like Ali G: So, I took a ‘How ghetto are you?’ quiz on Facebook. Turns out I’m only 61 percent ghetto. –Bronx Science Thug to thugette: Fall back — you never know when people gonna be postin’ what you said on the Internet. –Astor Pl Overheard by: katattack