Dude on cell: The thing is… Is… She was inseminated… By a dead man. –Outside of Forbidden Planet, 13th & Broadway Overheard by: Red Stapler Hipster suit on cell: Wait, wait, wait. What are the details on this drop-dead clause again? –MoMA Man on cell: Well, it’s a shame he’s still alive. –Grand Central Overheard by: mma Hipster girl to friend: Well, you know what? It’s kind of good he killed her. –L train Overheard by: keeeem Woman: He was dead! It was great! –Penn Station Hipster: If you take a handful of Grapenuts and don’t add milk, and you hurl them as hard as you can at somebody’s face, you can take out both their eyes and maybe kill them… I can’t believe I spent the whole day at the hospital, and they told me to go to the dentist! –V Bar cafe, Greenwich Village Overheard by: sean savage Angry man on cell: I’ve given her everything! Everything! She wanted me to kill someone! She wanted me to fuck somebody up good! What else can I do? –15th & 6th