Ghetto guy on cell: I been wantin’ to go to Chuck E. Cheese for mad long. –E 8th St Midwestern girl: I just paid a hundred and thirty bucks for a meal I could have had for twenty dollars at home. [Points at Midwestern guy #1] Fuck you, [points at Midwestern guy #2] fuck you, [points at Midwestern guy #1 again] and especially fuck you. If I wasn’t going home with a purse full of mints and toothpicks right now, I’d punch you both in the balls. –Outside Bobby Flay’s, 46th & 2nd Bus driver: You know, you guys, you can step up onto the back platform. You don’t need a reservation. It’s not Applebee’s. –M60 bus to LaGuardia Overheard by: Kevoo Girl on cell: Why?! Why would anyone ever get something catered by Outback Steakhouse! –W 3rd St & LaGuardia Chick on cell: Can you eat at Dallas BBQ in a rubber shirt? –Columbia University Overheard by: Wild Dog Boy