Thugette: She just gave me a compliment! That don’t mean she’s a lesbian! –34th & 7th Overheard by: go rangers! Man to self: How can you be a vegetarian and a lesbian? It don’t make no sense… How can you be a vegetarian and eat pussy? Don’t make no kinda sense! –Outside health food store NYU chick to another: But I don’t want to be a lesbian today… –In front of Trader Joe’s, 14th St Hobo: No, women don’t like men! You know who women like? Lesbians! All women have a lesbian girlfriend! –E train, 53rd & 5th Overheard by: Little boxes Blonde to queer: What I found out is that lesbians really like me. –Outside Nowhere gay bar Overheard by: lesbians don’t like me Chubby girl to skinny girl: I’d totally be a lesbian if I wasn’t fat. Nobody likes a fat lesbian. –MoMA