Elderly man to wife: Well, I haven’t read the review yet, but I think I liked it! –Second Stage Theatre, after Euridice performance, 43rd & 8th Overheard by: Kate McVety Girl on cell: There needs to be a Mean Girls musical, and you have to be in it. –50th & Broadway Overheard by: Maggie Director: You know, I think we’ll actually leave the movie projector on stage for the whole show, as a metaphor or some shit. –Great Jones St Old lady to daughter during production of Vinegar Tom: You always bring me to the dirtiest shows! –Center for the Arts, College of Staten Island Aspiring actor on cell: The good thing about this play is– No, it’s not just me. The really great thing about this play is the sex. –113th & Broadway Overheard by: if the sex is with him, count me in Chick, about play where leading lady gets raped: Why is everyone like, ‘Oh my god, she was raped!’ Rape has happened forever. Sooo many people get raped — this isn’t a shocker. Why are we spending all our time talking about this part of the play? I mean, rape happens. –Silver Center, Washington Square Park Overheard by: sizzle Older woman: So, what’s the name of that ‘chaperone’ play? ‘The Dirty Chaperone’? Oh, well. They will know which one I mean. –TKTS booth