Woman to another: Yeah, that’s true, but she has a huge uterus anyway. –Staten Island Ferry Terminal Overheard by: Will Couchon Black lady: I had to shut his throat and it was all [violent gurgling noises]. –Varick & King St Overheard by: Confabulation Nation NYU blonde to friend: I wish I was made of pixels… But cells are sorta like pixels, right? So yay, I am! –D train Overheard by: keeeem Flyer guy: Here you go, sexy! [Brunette ignores him and keeps walking.] I’ll take you home and bite you! I’ll bite a nice big chunk out of your thigh! –Broadway & Liberty Overheard by: ouch ouch White girl: Ow, my face! I mean my head! I mean my arm… –Bard High School Early College Overheard by: jules Grungy middle-aged man: I’m picking my nose! I’m picking my nose! –St. Mark’s & 3rd Ave