Hipster girl: You really need to hear his podcast about how technology is raping our souls. –Bleecker & Broadway Overheard by: Jekke Hipster on cell: So I just got my new iPod… Yeah, it’s awesome! All I need now is a job, and I’m totally set! –Stillwater, E 4th & 2nd Overheard by: Pedro Van Dude: I think my iPod’s gay. –23rd St F stop Overheard by: Eliot Chemistry teacher: I am not liking annoying sound. Today on subway there was man with pants, like, here [motions to mid-thigh] and loud, how you call?… iPod! I am thinking, ‘He is going to lose his pants!’ And he stand on crowded train and sing with iPod. He give us concert, and am I thinking, ‘Why he not dead yet?’ –Fordham University, Lincoln Center Little boy, about man blaring music from cell: Geez, just get an iPod, dude! –Crowded A train Overheard by: Neal Mortimer