Dude: You really are a nice guy, and it’s a good thing you’re such a nice guy, because if you weren’t, you’d totally be an asshole. –Lobby of Le Parker Meridien Overheard by: Rose Fox Girl: Oh my god, she’s so nice. She’s a chiropractor and a stripper! –F train stop, Park Slope Guy on cell: Yeah, it was nice. I had a real nice time… Yup, she was cremated. –Lower East Side Overheard by: kdice Guy on cell: I know! I know! It’s like getting laid! It’s like getting laid! I mean, like, you’re having a nice dinner, you have a nice wine, but like, is she gonna drop her skirt? You can’t tell yet if she’s gonna drop her skirt! –Outside Grand Central Overheard by: Sarah 20-ish girl to friend: Thank you! You’re such a nice person. Except when you’re hungry. –23rd & 7th