Rich girl on cell: Three thousand for a one bedroom?! … That’s fine. I’m mad at my dad anyway. –Q train to Coney Island Guy to buddy: My father was a virgin the first time he had sex! –86th & Park Overheard by: you sure he still isnt? JAP on cell: No, I’m not texting him back! I was more impressed by his father’s West Village brownstone than the sex we had in it. –79th & Park Overheard by: vibrant Dude: Who’s your daddy? Who’s your daddy? My belly button, thank you! –Bronx-bound 2 train Overheard by: Niv Woman on cell: Ah, but you are the father of many things, just as I am the mother of many things. –26th & Park Ave South Overheard by: Rose Fox Big guy with Puerto Rican flag do-rag and huge stuffed animal, to small child: Don’tchu breaka my big Tweety. You breaka my big Tweety, I kill ju father. –Coney Island Boardwalk Overheard by: tommy z