Teen to another: Yo, if I pass in June, I’ll only be in high school five years! [Pounds fists with pal.] –F train Chick: I used to be a straight-A student until I realized I was just learning how to get A’s. –Diner, Chelsea Frat boy: There are still wedgies in Quaker school. –19th & 5th Overheard by: Jeff McCrum Lunching chick: I mean, I only feel sort of responsible for their illiteracy. I am their teacher… –Dishes Restaurant, 45th St Overheard by: Literate Teen: No lie, my nigga — I wrote a perfect essay! I wrote a perfect essay, nigga! –Marte Valle Prep School, Stanton & Norfolk Teacher giving tour: Back then it was very difficult to graduate from high school, and it still is, judging from the amount of people who drop out. Although a tree stump could graduate from Saint Ann’s… Okay, no one put that in the school newspaper quotes… Please… –Chinatown