Girl yelling to friend across street: Hey, guess what? I smelled it! I smelled it from here! –Fordham University Blonde on cell: So, I just took my hair down, and all I smelled was Dove and crack. –JFK Overheard by: spanky Man to no one: It smells like my ex-wife in here! –Highline Ballroom Hootchie on cell: No joke — it smelled ripe down there. I be all, ‘Jimmy… D-A-M-N! I’m too busy gagging from the smell to gag on your bits.’ –W Broadway Girl crying on cell to boyfriend: How could you fuck her?! Her pussy stinks! –Union Square Overheard by: SplendidConfusion Thug on cell: Yo, I’m sure she smells better now, bro! –Harlem Meer, Central Park Overheard by: mj