Cute blonde: So, I thought I might like him, and we went on some fun dates, but then he shaved his head and now I can’t go out with him.
Friend: Wait — what’s wrong with him shaving his head?
Cute blonde: Well, nothing in theory, but now he looks like a terrorist. –116th & Broadway Overheard by: uptown girl Headline by: Sarah K Runners-Up:
· “…Or Ghandi, Whichever.” – Johnny
· “And He Wants Me to Call Him Britney in Bed” – Sim Etrias
· “And the Anthrax in His Apartment Is No Picnic Either” – Naked Lunch
· “Oh, Whew… I Thought You Said, “tourist”” – Rhadamanthus
· “Plus, I Wouldn’t Qualify As One Of His 72 Virgins” – MarioRPG
· “Racial Profiling Is So Hot Right Now” – Fran
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