20-ish guy to friends: Talk about sweat — I never swat so much in my life!

–Bleecker & MacDougal

Blonde: I’m not a naysayer! I’m not! I’m a yes-sayer… An ambiguous answer-sayer…

–Union Square

Overheard by: Confabulation Nation

Bimbette: Oh my god, I was dramatized! I couldn’t even look at him.

–Staten Island Ferry

Suit: I just walked into Barnes and Nizzle to take a wizzle.

–Barnes & Noble, 22nd St

Guy to friend: If the Yankees win the first two, it’ll be a swept.

–Rockefeller Center

Paint department clerk to customer: Do you want interior or outerior?

–Home Depot, Brooklyn

Supermarket cashier: I was actually valedictorian in high school, and I wore four-inch heels to graduation. And surprise, surprise — I falled.

–Greenpoint, Brooklyn