Teen: I just like popcorn, cake, and Pepsi, so my mind’s going crazy and I shake a lot… –Chipotle, 33rd & 5th Crazy girl on cell: … So he tells me I’m crazy. I’m not crazy! Why does he think I’m crazy?! There is no way I’m crazy! He’s crazy for thinking that! –33rd & 6th Angry black woman: Why are they taking pictures of the crazy man? Goddamn tourists! God damn them all! –1 train station, Christopher St Overheard by: Rose Fox Tourist woman: I think the only people that speak English here are the crazy people screaming obscenities on the streets. –Mulberry & Broome Chick on cell: Then again, who am I to talk about being crazy? I have a clove of garlic in my cooch! –113th & Broadway Overheard by: McFreaky