Old man on cell: Oh, God, I was drunk out of my mind. I was drunk, drunk, drunk… Yeah, I was so drunk I don’t even remember being arrested. I woke up and I was like, ‘Where the fuck am I?’ –Washington Square Park Buff black guy to small black guy: Maybe you should go to jail to get your weight up. –153rd & Edgecombe Overheard by: DaHustler Guy on bench to friend: There is no way you’re not going to jail tonight. –Outside Whole Foods Overheard by: Big Apple repeat offender – just visiting Tough guy on cell: Man, what are you worried about? So what if they brought you in? It’s not assault if you didn’t use a weapon, right? –Brooklyn Overheard by: Chicagoan in NY for first time Guy on cell: That would have been worse! Then I would have been resisting arrest at a black tie event! –35th St, between 8th & 9th Ave Overheard by: Jason