Ghetto girl to booty-smacking friends who knocked into passerby: Damn, girl! See what happens when you got a big ass? Innocent bystanders get hit! –7 train Overheard by: bill R Young guy: I don’t know names, I just know booties and faces. –11th St Pier Truck driver to old lady standing off curb: Back that ass up! –Houston & Broadway Overheard by: Christine Hobo to girl in striped spandex leggings: Ummm… Um, that’s some ass. I wish I could develop lockjaw and never let go! –E 5th St, between 1st & 2nd Middle-aged guy: … And so she’s like, ‘Why do you want a house in the Hamptons when you have a house in the city?’ Why? Because I can’t look at fine ass in the city. –Chinatown Overheard by: Rosie