Hipster girl: I didn’t do too much… I had a dance-off with a shark… –East Village Overheard by: hoping she won Conductor: No train Hokey Pokey! Either you’re in or you’re out! –7 train, Grand Central Overheard by: 7 train day tornado hit brooklyn 40-ish blonde on cell: So, he thought it was going to be more than a dinner date. That prick wanted to bang me after dinner. I just wanted a dance partner I could throw away at the end of the night. –39th & 3rd Overheard by: Mark Street performer, to crowd: Get closer — we don’t have weapons… Don’t be scared, it’s just black guys dancing! –New York Public Library Guy to female passersby, about Chuck Taylors: My grandmother had a pair of those shoes. She used to breakdance with a wooden leg. –Paul Ave, Bronx Overheard by: Lillian