Girl on cell: Stop talking about my grandmother’s ba-donka-donk! –6th & 2nd Girl on cell: So, she walked in on me getting out of the shower again this morning… Yeah, I guess I could put a lock on the door, but I’m really starting to think that my grandma just likes seeing me naked in the morning. –School of Visual Arts Overheard by: dobby Chick on cell: What should I get for Grandma? No, I’m not at a mall, I’m on the street… No, I don’t see anything she’d like, unless… Do you think Grandma wants a bong? –St. Mark’s Pl Overheard by: Heather Dude to hot chick: I’d rather have sex with you than my grandma. –1 train Overheard by: bldlube Guy on cell: So then he’s like, ‘Dude, are you in prison again?’ And I was like, ‘No, dude, I’m talking to you online. How could I be in prison?’ And he was like, ‘There was a computer when I was in prison. I mean, you had to suck dick to get online, but whatever.’ And I was like, ‘Dude, I’m at my grandma’s house. We’re having tea and shit.’ –E 14th St & Irving