Chick: When Derek Jeter sees where my new bug bites are, he’s going to go ballistic. –McDonald’s, 51st & 3rd Overheard by: Jack Enlightened film student to dense film student: Y’know, I can’t wait for you to wake up one day, sit straight up in bed with your eyes open wide and realize that Quentin Tarantino sucks ass! –Borders Old guy to wife: God, Matthew McConaughey is a fucking faggot. That guy’s been sucking cock since he was born. –42nd & Broadway Newspaper peddler: Read all about it! Britney Spears just died! Read all about it! –Wall St & Broadway 11-year-old girl, leaning on subway pole: I want to jump on this pole like Tila Tequila! She can put her legs up over her head! –E train, 50th St