Grad student chick: Yoda is not a relative. He’s little and green. –NYU 12-year-old boy: I’m in a grey area right now as to whether Santa exists or not. I need more evidence. –E 20th St Overheard by: Dia Customer to cashier: Frodo, it’s been real. –Barnes & Noble, 18th & 5th Overheard by: I Am McLovey Thug: You know what, nigga? I think all them zombies are racist mothafuckahs. You notice they always eat the brotha first? What are we, covered in mothafuckin’ chocolate? Do I look like a fondue fountain? That’s some bullshit. –189th & Bathgate Overheard by: Lyle Hobo, in false British accent: Of all the dimensions in the universe, I had to end up in this one! New York — filthy, dirty, grimy. Greatest city in the world? Bah! I could have been fighting dragons with Merlin, but no! I had to end up here! –6 train