Chick: I feel like I can relate more to retarded people than normal people. –Broadway & Waverly Girl on cell: What are you talking about?! She’s intellectually retarded. Hang on a sec, okay? Crap! They don’t have The Da Vinci Code. –Outside The Strand Black girl: … And we wasn’t laughin’ at him ’cause he got Down Syndrome… [Chuckles] We was laughin’ ’cause he was mackin’ on us so hard! –Fordham University cafeteria, Rose Hill Overheard by: So did the helmet get in the way? Frat boy: Geez, bro, just when I thought you couldn’t get retardeder… –Park Row Overheard by: Passerby Angry girl on cell: I was trying to tell her that she’s fucking retarded… in a very nice way! –Fontana’s