Dad: Okay, girls! Now, we’re on a very tight budget — you can get ketchup, mustard, or barbecue sauce. –Shea Stadium Overheard by: bill R Girl: Apparently I ate an entire jar of mustard. –Bard High School Early College Overheard by: and didn’t notice? Hot guy on cell: That’s fine, but I just don’t want to find the television smeared with peanut butter this time… –96th & CPW White chick: La Choy is the white trash of soy sauce! –113th St Overheard by: Meister E. Man to hobo: If I had any more butter, I would give it to you, but I don’t because I used it already. –Howard St Overheard by: havarthe Foxy lady, to female dining companion: I could pour ketchup in your cleavage and dip a fry in it… Just dip it in! Why are people staring at us? –Relish, Williamsburg Overheard by: Justin Casement