Crazy hobo to passing Fordham students: Y’all crazy motherfuckers pay 40 grand a year to get a damn education. Y’all don’t need no education. Pay 40 grand to get me food! Hell, I’ll take four dollars! Look at me — I got no education, and I turned out just fine. –Fordham University, Lincoln Center Overheard by: one of those mothafuckers Wheelbo: I don’t care what they say, I promise you I’ll pay you back. –Battery Park Overheard by: MBS Hobo: I need money for alcohol, drugs, and a hooker… Hey, at least I’m not bullshitting you. –35th & 4th Hobo, as girl nearby drops her Vogue: Oh, no! Somebody dropped their Torah! –E train Hobo, to passing suit: Hey, asshole, why don’t you get a job like everyone else, and stop taking my money?! –34th & 8th