Guy to friend: Yo! I’m mad hungry! I want some anus! [Passengers stare.] … Awww, shit! I meant that shit from McDonald’s — angus! Angus! –4 train Enthusiastic queer: This train smells like McDonald’s! Someone’s being a chubby chicken! –Queens-bound N train Overheard by: Onion Hobo: Just so you know, they don’t got liquor stores in heaven. They don’t got no McDonald’s, neither. –1 train Overheard by: Galen Girl on cell: He’s obsessed with America’s Next Top Model… And he watches What Not to Wear… What? No… Mom, he said that McDonald’s fries are his weakness, but they go straight to his thighs! How much gayer do you need him to be?! –Pratt Institute Mom to crying kid in stroller: Well, if you don’t want McDonald’s, I don’t know what I can get you. –207th & Broadway