Girl on cell: So yeah, I was like, ‘That is a great costume,’ and then it set her hair on fire and I was like, ‘That’s gross.’ –CVS, 42nd & 3rd Crazy hobo: That’s right! Arrest me! I’ll burn half y’all houses down… And set the other half on fire! –Brooklyn-bound Q train Overheard by: Incitatus Pseudo-intellectual: She called me and told me there was a bonfire in her ovaries. –MacDougal Street Ale House Overheard by: Ladle Creepster: Come here… You don’t wanna know what I’m on right now. If you come home with me, I will light you on fire. –Columbus Ave Concerned NYU girl to boyfriend about California wildfires: Do you think Cher’s house burned?! –Water St dorm, NYU Overheard by: michael