Loud guy: I can turn my dick into a Whopper with fries! –MacDougal Ale House Overheard by: Ladle Small Indian boy: Penis! Penis! [His mother scolds him in Hindi.] … Penis! –47th & 5th 10-year-old boy to friends: … And then he drew, like, three penises! And then I had to get home in, like, three and a half seconds! –11th & 3rd Overheard by: Hannah Suit to another: Jesus Christ! It’s not my fault your penis drips! –Times Square Overheard by: Sydney Dude to friend: Let’s think of words that rhyme with ‘dick.’ –49th & 7th Pre-med chick: We had this cadaver in lab that we called ‘Schlongo’ because his penis was a foot long. No, seriously, it was really a foot long! –Bodies Exhibit Overheard by: a.j.w.