Hipster guy: I mean, she’s a Jewish. She’s not, like, a bad person, I think. –44th & 9th Overheard by: …right. Dude: He’s that kind of super-serious Jew that doesn’t touch women. I think they call it ‘Hava Nagila.’ –Rockefeller Center Overheard by: Rose Fox Middle school girl trying to catch snowflakes in her mouth: These snowflakes are so antisemitic! They won’t go in my mouth! –110th & Amsterdam Blonde on cell: I just don’t see us working out. All my friends hate you, my mom hates you, and even my dog hates you… My mom hates you because you’re not Jewish… Yes, I’m aware I’m Catholic… Because Jews are financially secure! –Starbucks, Upper West Side Frustrated Jewish guy: I mean, look at these people and their Red Sox yarmulkes! What is this world coming to?! –Judaism Debate, Cooper Union Shiksa seeing menorah-shaped chocolates: Oooh, combs! –Party, W 72nd & Broadway