Girl on cell: … That basically means your mother’s a whore. –WaMu Bank, Staten Island Overheard by: staten’s most hated Guy: My mom was yelling at me, and at that moment I became aware of my consciousness. I mean, I really became aware of my being! I was at the top of the stairs, just thinking about the universe. That’s when I knew I really existed. –Westway Diner Thug: I’m gonna smack my mother’s monkey! –Union Square Overheard by: confabulation Nation Employee on intercom: Yo’ mama, call extension 319*. Yo’ mama, 319. –TJ Maxx, 6th Ave Punk rocker to punk girlfriend: My mother knows what you are. –11th & 1st Young boy skipping by elevators, singing: Step on a crack and you break your mother’s back… [Begins stomping] Take that, mother! And that, mother! And that, mother…! –Museum of Natural History Overheard by: SBS