Father to son: You see, women do the shopping, so you gotta go to a good store to find a good woman. –Penn Station Overheard by: Trainspotter Young boy to guy accompanying him: There are things that Americans can do better. We can burp a lot louder than Chileans. And we can spend a lot more money while shopping. —Tom Crean: Antarctic Explorer performance, Irish Repertory Theatre Overheard by: Michael Baker Dude to friend: … So every time he signs for a purchase on a credit card, he signs it ‘Not valid’ and Best Buy was the only store that ever caught it! –Burns St, Forest Hills Woman seeing old friend, and pointing to man beside her: Yeah, this is my new husband. He buys me Neiman Marcus. My old husband bought me Stein Mart. –C train Overheard by: Sarah F. Valley girl tourist to street sweeper: Excuse me, where’s the mall? –34th & 7th Overheard by: Really!