Hot blonde: Do they kick in kick boxing? –Upper West Side Overheard by: haha Tourist pointing to a church: Is that the Chrysler Building? –E 10th & Broadway Little boy, when train jerks to a stop: Did we just hit a deer? –Manhattan-bound N train Overheard by: paratactical Teen tourist: Look, I know you guys have, like, musical theatres on Broadway and stuff, but do you guys have movie theaters? –Canal & Broadway Tourist pointing at S train car: This is the bus that will take us to Times Square, right? –Platform for shuttle from Grand Central to Times Square Overheard by: the answer is yes, but you’re not right Young girl on phone: Hells yeah, I walked out of that class! I don’t even get why we still learn about immigration. I mean, who the fuck takes boats here anymore? –23rd & Lex